Seasons of the SoulJanet Syas Nitsick


Seasons of the Soul

"Help! said the eyes of my husband, Paul, as he stared glassy-eyed at me.  He was submerged in the deep end of the hotel's swimming pool.  Quickly, I swam over to him ... to pull my oldest autistic son, Brad, off of him...  This begins one personal story presented in Seasons of the Soul, a 20-short-story collection written by Janet Syas Nitsick.  Change is a fact of life, and that change is experienced through each person's own seasonal, spiritual journey.  Janet and Paul's spiritual walk includes two autistic sons. Seasons of the Soul, an inspirational book of fictional, personal and children's stories, will make readers laugh, smile, cry and know God heals the hurting soul.


This heartfelt, ... peek into the lives of an everyday, yet saintly couple as they struggle with ... raising and educating two autistic sons, is inspiring ... To use these people as role models ... would inevitably bring you a giant step closer in your own walk with the Lord.  This is a must-read for anyone seeking ... a meaningful life. - Pete L., a friend for 40 years, and ... blessed to be such

Jan's book has shown us how God uses daily situations... , to teach us important lessons in faith. - Judy Abdouch; Omaha

Through trials with her two autistic sons, deaths ... and working in a stressful, repressive work environment, Jan has maintained her faith in God and ... humor - rather they have maintained her. - Susan Siebler; Fremont, Neb.

Inspiring. as Janet weaves spiritual truths with ... parenting two autistic sons, I am reminded of ... the joy God has for us, His children. - New Life Church Rev. Jim Nielsen; Plattsmouth, Neb.

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Author Janet Syas Nitsick is the daughter of  former Nebraska State Sen. George Syas, who served 26 years in the Unicameral and died Feb. 7, 1997.  He was well-respected for his knowledge of Nebraska's constitution.  Janet is a former language-arts teacher and worked as a journalist the last five years.  Janet's passion for writing began as a child when she wrote to overcome her shyness.  She earned her bachelor of arts degree from Omaha's College of St. Mary in 1995 after returning to school as a nontraditional student.  She and husband, Paul Nitsick, a former postal employee, live in Springfield, Neb., with their two autistic sons.  Readers can get a glimpse of the joys and struggles of raising these special-needs children through several personal stories included in Seasons of the Soul.  Janet also has two grown sons and four grandchildren.

Midwest Book Review October 1st.              
Laurel Johnson

Janet Syas Nitsick is a woman of abiding faith in God's love, a wife, mother, grandmother, journalist,and daughter of Nebraska Senator George Syas. Her Christian path has not been free of stumbling stones, but still she writes of life with hope and joy.

Two of Janet and Paul Nitsick's children, Brad and Andrew, are autistic. Both were beautiful, normal children until the disturbing symptoms of autism appeared. Both grew up to be handsome young men. Brad, the oldest,does not speak or read. Through touching vignettes, photographs, poetry,and scriptures, Ms. Syas shares with readers the seasons of her life. Her true stories demonstrate the small and large miracles loving and devoted parents can experience through patience and perseverance, with daily doses of God's grace. She also shares the blessed legacies of departed loved ones, memories that enhance her strength in trying times.

Scattered throughout the book are fictional stories for children. 
These are equally delightful reading for adults. For example, "Squirrel Chatter" and "Little Fluffy" are small gems of love, gifts from the author's heart.

Through passing time and seasons, Ms. Nitsick takes readers on an inspirational retrospective of her life. Years of trial and sadness fade as she contemplates life's joys. This beautiful little book is suitable for all readers and would be the ideal gift for family or friends. It's also a joyful testimony for Christians and those who may be questioning their faith. Highly recommended to the parents of autistic children. review by Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review