Gloria D' AlessandroAuthor, Gloria D' Alessandro

The 4th book in the series:

Where is the Pheramengo Cross?

As summer school begins, a parent is killed during a PYA meeting, the first of many murders surrounding the Academy of Signs and Wonders. Teacher Conci D'Amato McVey find herself embroiled in yet another mystery as she discovers a fabulous fifteen carat emerald in an unlikely place and the race is on as many factions are in close pursuit to obtain the emerald and the find the remaining two pieces of the Pheramengo Cross, worth over twenty million dollars intact.

In her fourth novel, Gloria D'Alessandro has spun an intricate web of murder and mystery. As Conci searches for the answers with her Auntie, Sister Mary Concetta Rose, they find out that the answer to the mystery of the Pheramengo Cross lies a little too close to home...literally!

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A+ For MurderA+ For Murder

This first book in the series has a murder taking place in a very unlikely setting-a Christian School; Everlasting Life Academy. Teacher Conci D’Amato helps homicide detective, Lt. Mike McVey un-layer the evidence that points to the possible killer among them.

In the midst of these events, they are all drawn to seek God fervently. Romance develops as the intrigue and mystery mount

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Holy PlaceMurder in the Holy Place

This 2nd book in the series has teacher Conci D’Amato embroiled in unraveling another murder mystery at her school; the Academy of Signs And Wonders.  These murders parallel the curriculum of one of the victims. Conci teams Up with Lt. Mike McVey in an “edge of your seat” suspense, with good triumphing over evil.

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Teacher Conci D’Amato and her husband Lt. Mike McVey, head of homicide embark on a new venture as they start out their lives together as a married couple.  The intrigue begins on an ordinary field trip to a metallurgy lab, where the Science teacher, David McDonald mysteriously disappears. On their way back to the school, four men hijack the bus that Conci Mcvey is on. They are looking for a  particular disk that has been sequestered from the lab. The hijackers are thwarted, but the search for the disk continues. Unbeknownst to Conci and the hijackers an unknown woman places the disk in one of the students backpacks, and it ends up in Conci’s hands.  The disk shows a pitch for making some kind of gold, alchemy it’s called, and then some furtive figures being murdered.…

Soon, the chase is on as it is discovered that Conci has the disk. McVey tries his best to protect his wife, but is forced by his own workload to turn the case over to Lt. Alex Melville; patient, calm, yet a very astute cop, Melville is also a secret atheist.

Even as this mystery is pursued, the Academy of Signs and Wonders is in further trouble as chaos ensues in the cafeteria resulting in a couple of poisonings; one an attempt on Conci’s life.

The McVeys’s marriage is soon threatened by his weakness for red heads as Conci races for her life. Mike’s dilemma: How to save his wife’s life, his marriage and catch the murderers and keep the gold formula from getting into their hands.

Along the way great miracles of healing and forgiveness take place

This fast paced mystery leaves the reader almost breathless as they try to untangle the various mysteries surrounding the gold formula, the disappearance of David McDonald and the Field Trip Murders.

Murder at Signs and Wonders – The Field Trip Murders is “edge of your seat” suspense we have come to expect from D’Alessandro about good ultimately triumphing over evil.

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