Bruce BrownMy Predestined Life

Why Should I Even Try?

by Bruce A. Brown

Many of us believe that there is a God who not only purposely brought each of us into existence but has reserved a unique place for every individual in his ultimate infallible plan to rescue and restore the face to face relationship with us he intended from the beginning. The problem is, with all the preaching, teaching and counseling we graciously receive, we continue to struggle with that unrelenting pervasive question; How much of our lives is predestined and how much is personal choice?

We struggle because we don’t know the rules, and there are rules; however, I have great news. In my new book, My Predestined life- Why should I even try? I have through example and directly from scripture outlined the basic parameters between what Biblically constitute our will and God’s will without presuming to know the whole of his will. Your perspective on everyday life issues is about to change because once you see the boundaries a lot of things you’ve often wondered about will automatically become clear. You will probably find that mentally you have most of the parts to this puzzle but due to your hunger for resolve you have forced some pieces into the wrong spot. Because of the responses I’ve received from readers of my book I am absolutely sure you too will find yourself in its pages. Finally, you will understand.


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