Bob ChapmanPastor Bob Chapman MA, BA, DipTh

He is the founder of Extreme Life Ministries Inc., graduated from Bible College in the USA in 1971 and began ministering in Australia that year. He has been actively involved in non-charismatic and charismatic ministry, local and international mission outreach and Bible College teaching for 35 years. He and his wife, Marilyn, serve the Lord in China whenever possible and have lived there on two separate occasions teaching in several universities. He continues to plant churches and teach at the Bible College of Western Australia where he has lectured for the past 11 years. He is the author of the book Extreme Lives for Extreme Times. He currently holds revival meetings in Western Australian cities and country towns and discipleship training seminars around the world. Bob and Marilyn have an adult daughter and son. Is Christianity Just About Going to Church?

LONGWOOD, FL—Are non-believers attracted to "Christendom" as represented by the media or as played out in many local churches? Is Christianity just about going to church? In his new book, author Bob Chapman says, "The extreme times we now live in demand extreme faith. The lost are now looking for ‘Reality Christianity.’" Even those who do believe in Jesus question if there’s more. They read and study their Bible regularly, but they are convinced there’s more. They preach, teach, or lead worship, and yet they’re certain there must be more. Extreme Lives for Extreme Times reveals they’re right—there is more! Living for Jesus is reality Christianity 24/7, and it means living a powerful, effective life in God’s kingdom. This new book will help readers to truly be disciples, not merely churchgoers, and enable them to live out Jesus’ call in their ministries and normal daily lives—and, most importantly, to gain non-believers’ attention.

If you believe the reality of living for Jesus 24/7 is what you want, then Extreme Lives for Extreme Times, Living for Jesus in the 21st Century (November, $17.99, 1-59781-522-5) by Bob Chapman will help you experience it. Readers will realize it is Jesus and Jesus alone who is the main power behind being a disciple, not Jesus and their wife, Jesus and their husband, Jesus and their pastor, etc. No matter what "call to live as disciples" Jesus places on their lives, or what circumstances confront them during their lives, their personal relationship with Jesus will see them rise up and fulfill that call regardless of the circumstances that would hinder them. Chapman encourages believers to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, one that is so strong it can withstand any circumstances. He uses quite a few illustrations in his book to get this message across. Believers who have a personal, one-spirit relationship with Jesus can exhibit that and cause the world to cry out, ! "Indeed, God is with you!" (I Corinthians 14:25). People want to see Christian Reality!

For the last 10 years, Chapman has been teaching the material in this book in a curriculum-structured course. The author graduated from a conservative, non-charismatic Bible college. His ministry focus at first reflected this conservative or non-charismatic bent. This, in turn, tends to create mere churchgoers who strive to control God rather than live God-controlled lives. It was not until Chapman delved deep into the Scriptures that he discovered that "Joel’s ‘promise,’ in its entirety, is for all believers in all ages." Chapman states that without being filled, led, empowered, and anointed with the Holy Spirit, ministry is "powerless" and results in believers who know all about God, but who do not know God.

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