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A Monumental Journey

A Monumental Journey 2

A Monumental Journey 3

About the Series

In the early 1470’s fifteen ninety-five foot wooden longboats departed the northern Scottish mainland, a small island in the Pentland Firth, and many of the Southern Orkney Islands to find new lands to raise their families in. The journey was sanctioned by the beloved King Agar and the craftsman/metallurgist Gamelin. The departing clans were desirous of being detached from the rampaging Baaldurian’s. These were a wicked Viking tribe separated from the original Northern Nation by their choice to follow the bloody antediluvian witchcrafts instead of Jesus Christ. Now . . . five hundred and forty-two years later, another voyage is about to begin. Dr. Gabriel Proudmore and the crew of the computerized schooner Heimdall will be departing Aberdeen Scotland on an adventure of profound scope and danger. Their mission: to retrace the first Viking voyage, no matter where it takes them, or what they may encounter, on a quest to find the only remaining clan of Rognvald Vikings and present them with the greatest symbol of Viking faith in the Holy Risen Christ ever made . . . the Tempest.


What some are saying:

~ The crew of the Heimdall is like a close-knit family. Along the exciting journey the themes of love and respect are fortified with each day these characters spend together. A fascinating read that educates and entertains.

Sheila Roy – Author/Poet

~ A very exciting fast moving series; I was enraptured by the story-line that carries you along on a wave of excitement. The characters are so real I feel I know them and care deeply about what will confront them next. The images in my mind, as I read, played out like a movie… hmmm, yes. I could see this picked up as a movie.

Nadia Giordana – Author/Poet/ Editor - Mississippi Crow Magazine

~ I absolutely love your series in a ‘monumental’ way. Thank you for providing me with entertainment as well as fodder (planting seeds I mean) for the growth of my soul. All in all I would rate your books as excellent (right up there with Jean Auel’s series). Keep up the writing and I wish you success in a big way. It would make a good movie or series for Masterpiece Theatre if that is what you want.

Jo Pelletier – Writer/Poet/Proofreader

~ This is an impressive series that I found hard to put down. The plot line is uniquely crafted, there is a strong spiritual message that does not offend, and the characters are so real that they become the reader’s personal friends as the story unfolds. I was very impressed with the author’s development of the storyline, the attention to details, and also the very naturalistic dialogue.

~ This story is a reminder to me of the qualities most important in life – love and respect. Each day, during this journey, each character learns a little more about him/her self, which is true to life. I enjoyed the twists and turns in this adventure and the action-packed scenes.  A much recommended series.

About the Author

Richard began creating in his early teens, first as a classical trumpet player, then as a guitarist and lyrist, and then as a writer of poetry and short-stories. He is presently an internationally published Poet, (nominated for the prestigious 2008 Push Cart Prize) and he (at present) has authored four books in the Monumental Journey Series. As a novelist Richard’s primary motivations integrate the style of Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Lewis Stevenson, and C.S. Lewis into a uniquely crafted compelling blend of Adventure, Mystery, Historical Fiction, and Spirituality.

Richard Cederberg