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This is a must have book for the author. Leon Mentzer is quickly becoming the definitive authority on self-marketing. Leon talks about realistically marketing your book, keeping in mind that every author has a budget.  


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This is one of a series by Gloria

Starting in  March we will review all those so called bloggers and web sites who made remarks about publishing companies beginning in back in 2005.

We'll review just how many of these statements were true.

We'll look at the legal problems that have been brought against some of these web sites and their bloggers and what the outcome will produce

We'll take a closer look at Victoria Strauss, Ann Crispin, James MacDonald and a host of others that proclaimed that they alone knew all the "facts".

We 're going to review several publishing companies, their policies and compare them to get an honest review of what is offered.

"Follow the evidence, wherever it leads."- Socrates

Why another book? Because it is my opinion that while we can get a 300 page book on 1 Christian theological concept, we cannot get a simple book in approximately 100 pages that adequately covers the Christian story in its entirety that we can simply carry with us to reference for "on the spot" dialogue; the following quote summarize our current plight:

"Many high school seniors believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife, while a majority of Americans cannot name one of the four Gospels. Jay Leno asked his Tonight Show audience one night to name one of Jesus' twelve apostles; they came up empty. One in ten Americans believes that Joan of Arc was Noah's wife, and only one-third knows that Jesus (not Billy Graham) preached the Sermon on the Mount."

- Washington Monthly

I believe this adequately sums up our current situation in the West and why we must revisit with believer and non-believer alike what it means to be a Christ follower today and not just a "church" follower at a simple and easy to follow "101" type level. So what would a handy book that one could carry with them that covered all the basics that virtually everyone agrees to on the subjects of: Intelligent Design, Creationism, Philosophy of religion, apologetics, and what the Bible and Jesus says at a basic level, (in approximately 100 pages), look like? Hopefully like this one because that is the exact purpose for why I have compiled it.

James Stroud has done undergraduate studies in both History and Religious Studies as well as post graduate studies in Theology at APUS, Trinity Seminary, Biola and the University of Arkansas; he currently resides in the New York City Area. Please visit for more information and ordering information

*Available in paperback for about $6 or EBook for about $4.50 (Amazon); EVERY cent of profits goes to charity!


L.J. Popp's new book, "Treasure Traitor"

Treasure Traitor


When Laura Popp started writing Christian fantasy, she never imagined she’d actually live it. Whether it’s making a film about AIDs in Africa, climbing the Great Wall of China, riding an elephant through the jungles of Thailand, or surviving the worst earthquake in the history of East Asia, she’s woven her missionary adventures into her writing. In the last four years she’s visited nine countries, including a two-year assignment teaching English and Bible in Japan and three months at a children’s home in India. Perfect fodder for her new novel.

Popp’s book, Treasure Traitor, released in November from Written World Communications. The story centers around sixteen-year-old Renagada, who travels through her war-torn world to save her best friend, a telepathically bonded bird named Acha.

“I’ve been a fantasy writer for as long as I can remember,” Popp says. “After coming home from overseas, I still wanted to be involved in missions. I realized there are a lot of people my age and younger who don’t know anything about God’s story, so I wanted to share about His love and forgiveness in a fun and exciting way. Many of the cultures and people in Treasure Traitor are based on my experiences abroad. I had a blast blending traditional European fantasy with my faith and favorite Asian spices.”

Popp now works with Burmese refugees living in Tulsa, Oklahoma and says this experience also made its way into the book. “I knew that war displaces people, but I had no idea what the refugee experience was like until I started helping the Burmese. Rena has to deal with the reality of war all around her, even when she’s not being forced to fight in it.”

So far Treasure Traitor has received all 5-star reviews on Amazon. According to best-selling author Chuck Sasser, “A talented young writer is at the beginning of a brilliant career."

A diverse writer of short stories, novels, articles, screen and stage plays, Laura Popp’s work has won numerous local and international awards in children’s literature and fantasy. To purchase Treasure Traitor, read excerpts, or learn more about the author’s adventures abroad, readers can visit The author is also available to speak at community and church events. She can be contacted through her website or email, laurapopp (at)

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Recommended by Christianstoryteller staff. has racked up its 6th annual award from Writer's Digest magazine. We were once again named one of the "Top 101 Sites for Writers" , under the Spiritual category in the May- June 2012 issue of their magazine.


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This is a great site for Christian writers

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and support others in the genre. wins again!

Authors & Writers  E-MAIL US FOR NEXT CRUISE one of the top 101 web-sites for Authors & Writers for the last six years is hosting one of the HOTTEST Author’s Seminar on tour.  Our next  "Seminar on the Water" will be a four day cruise followed by a eight day cruise to the Eastern Carribbean. 

Guest Speaker is Leon Mentzer, Book Marketing  Expert and Author of  “Amen! A Simple Guide to Self-Marketing Your Christian Book”


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Authors & Writers one of the top 101 web-sites for authors & Writers for the last five years is hosting  one of the

HOTTEST Author’s Seminars on tour.  



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     Guest Speaker is Leon Mentzer, Book Marketing

Expert and Author of  “Amen! A Simple Guide to Self-Marketing Your Christian Book” Leon Mentzer, will share practical advice and time tested strategies to help you make your book marketing efforts a success. Learn how to sell your book, “one book at a time” and keep your chin up as you climb the steep ladder to book marketing success. Learn, social media tricks, PayPal, How to pick the best publishing avenue & much more! Receive a copy of our mailing list FREE.

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Positive: Our opinion only. These are positive and very professional web-sites for Authors. CST has given these sites our preferred vender seal of approval. CST has done business or had personal contact with them and stands behind their products and services.

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BEST Marketing package for Authors

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Negative: Our opinion only. These web-sites have seriously bad creditability when it comes to professional behavior and statements of facts.

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